If you are interested in a Karlee Gray Stone puppy please call or e-mail us. We are always happy to "Talk Cavalier". We only breed 2 or 3 litters a year, but will be happy to assist you in finding a puppy if we don't have any 
Here are a few pictures of our past babies for you to enjoy.
                                                         Carol & Darlene

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Our Puppies
This is a litter by Ch Torlundy Courtlore Johnny Angel and  Ch Karlee Pegeln Funny Hunny(Velma) at 4.5 weeks old. Velma raised an orphaned litter an orphan litter at the same time that she raised her own litter.  They are pictured at 3.5 weeks old sleeping in the pen. Velma has been an extraordinary mother . She is now retired and living the life of Riley in Washington